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Opale Manual (in progress)


So, what makes opale so specific? Comparing other free software, this is what really makes Opale different, from, for example Grisbi :

  • Patterns : you can define patterns which are pre-filled entries. By a simple click you enter the edit window, all fields are filled, and the date is set to today. You usually needs to change one field at most.
  • Graphics. I just can't believe that some accountant software have no graphics. How can that just be ?
  • Planning : you can of course enter entries for the futur, and those are idendified in the recod list. This is really useful for planning budgets for the next months, if not years.
  • You can duplicate an entry for several weeks/months/years. Together with the graphics, it really helps planning with flat rents, salaries, montly taxes..

Using Opale


To enter a new record, click on the green "+" in the toolbar, select new Record in the Edit menu, or use "Control+N" on your keyboard. You can edit a record using the menu or by double-clicking an item. You can delete a record by selecting it and using the Edit Menu, or use "Control+D" You can check/uncheck a record by clicking on the icon, or by pressing 'Space' while the record is selected.


Patterns is a way to speed up entering records. You can set all fields but the date and reuse that later on. You can create a pattern from within the Edit menu. You create a new entry from a pattern either by using the menu (Edit ->New from pattern... ) or using the drop-down button in the toolbar, just right to the green cross. The standard new dialog will appear, pre-filled by the corresponding pattern, and with current date as default. Change whatever and use as usual.


You can open a graph from the menu or the toolbar (right-most icon). Using the buttons on the left you can zoom in or out and change the time position for the graph. The red line is the line showing the expected amount of the account according to what is entered. The blue line show the worse case. That means that every positive amount is not taken into account, while negative ones are. The thin blue line assume that every record up to today is checked, and so forget about positive records only for time after the present moment.

Pie Charts

The last button on the right of the toolbar is to open a Pie chart. This is a way to know where you money comes from, or where it is used. You can choose the time period, and what kind of data is displayed, sorted by category or method.

Repeat records

Very often, you have records that repeats on a regular basis . Be it your internet bill, your salary being the same every month, or monthly taxes. You can easily duplicate an entry in opale by selecting the entry, and then choose "Repeat record" in the "Edit" menu, or using the corresponding icon in the toolbar. You'll be presented with this dialog. You have to choose the period and how many times the record will be repeated. Only the date will be different in the records created.


(to be done)