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I am a Free Software enthusiast since I discovered the existence of Free Software (as in free speech), in 1996.

I have participated to the Free Software ecosystem by doing interviews with project authors, by doing reports about events, by contributing code, or even by writing my own softwares.

My resume (in french)

My LinkedIn profile (french and english) and my Viadeo profile (french).

My Github account

You can contact me.

Software Projects

  • LuaUnit: A unit-testing framework for the Lua language
  • Klotski: a mind-breaking game
  • Indent Finder: analyse source code indentation to set your editor automatically
  • PyTiCroque: a software to help playing at

Interviews and Articles

I have done several interviews of free software projects that I love. The interviews were done just for fun, and published on dedicated free software news sites.

Report on events

I have written some reports about events I participated in.

Knowledge base

Pages about specific knowledge that I wrote for future reference:

Opiniated articles

Obsolete software projects

Those projects are listed here for historical reasons but they are completely outdated, serve no longer any purpose and probably won't run on any linux distribution.

  • Pretty Make Beautify your make output when compiling KDE 2
  • QCppUnit: my old quest for a good unit-test framework for Qt 1.
  • KMerge: a visual diffing and merging program, for KDE 1
  • KeepCool Interrupt high CPU process if your CPU goes too hot!