May 3, 2014

Fix Baloo on KDE using the same trick as once used with Nepomuk

by orzel
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update: this post made me banned from KDE planet in a very rough way


Nepomuk Problem

Since the  daunting day of the kde 4.0 release, I’ve been struggling with nepomuk. I’m no random user, i know about low-level programming, i/o bound, cpu bound stuff, and I kinda tried to have it working. I failed miserably and it kept on putting my powerful computers down. KDE people kept on denying the problem, typical answers would be “you don’t know how to read top”, “normal (sic) computers have more <whatever:cpu,ram,..>”.

Getting rid of Nepomuk

I don’t care about Nepomuk, so I tried to disable it. Still, Nepomuk stuff would appear in my top and eat memory, cpu and i/o. It’s been fixed since then, I don’t remember when but very late. Like, more close to now than to 4.0 release.

I’m using Gentoo, and I tried to have KDE installed without Nepomuk using the USE flag “-semantic-desktop”. It was supposed to be possible (through using autotools options), but it never worked. According to Gentoo packagers (I didn’t check), this was supposed to be possible, but actually, nope. My conclusion by the time was that KDE dependencies were a nightmare.

So… all of this to say that my typical fix for this mess have been for a very long time to remove relevant binaries from /usr/bin. Even though I don’t use KDE anymore, I still have to deal with KDE on the many computers I’m taking care of. It’s routine now for me to install/update KDE and

sudo rm /usr/bin/*nepomuk*

Since then, me and owners of those computers haven’t had those “computer hangs” problems anymore (i don’t say “were happy” because there were lot of other problems in KDE).


Now comes KDE 4.13 and “baloo”. As a programmer and sysadmin, and also as a kind of packager, I like to use “vanilla” packages instead of patched ones. So I gave a chance to baloo. As everybody else (google for it), it was a complete mess. Moreover this new stuff can’t be disabled neither. So I’m back to my original fix, and I now

sudo rm /usr/bin/*baloo*

on all computers where I install/update KDE.

It’s not joke. I mean, there’s more to this that “I’m fed up and removed it all”. I actually do this, and this blog entry is a report that it actually works: baloo won’t bother you anymore, and it won’t break (any more, I mean) the remaining KDE parts. This is useful, it will change a system from “unusable” to “usable”.

I would propose Gentoo packagers to have USE=”-semantic-desktop” do exactly this, but I’m pretty sure this won’t be accepted 🙂