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A flexible wrapper for Vim

by Bluebird


The goal of the VimWrapper project is to propose example implementations of Vim integration into other GUI environements (toolkits, IDE). See VimIntegration for more details about the concept and other similar projects. People are encouraged to look here for documentation or code stealing.


  • based on netbeans interface of Vim
  • works directly with Vim
  • pure python-based Vim controlling
  • PyQt Vim controlling
  • Planned: C++/Qt Vim controlling.
  • complete test suite to validate the integration

Get the code

This project is using mercurial to handle the source code.

You can get the latest package/tarball from

You can browse the code online (and make diff or take snapshots)

If you're familiar with source control, you can get the code by cloning the mercurial repository (And hence you'll be able to update later on) using the following command (or your favorite mercurial UI client in Windows/MacOS)

 hg clone

and then update it using

 hg pull -u
  • LuaUnit: A unit-testing framework for the Lua language
  • Klotski: a mind-breaking game
  • Indent Finder: analyse source code indentation to set your editor automatically
  • PyTiCroque: a software to help playing at