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Freehackers is a group of free software hackers, mostly located in France. We needed to share the ressources we use in developping free software and created freehackers.org. The server holds our projects and provide the basic services we need: DNS, mail server, web servers, source repositories, ...

Hardware Specifications

  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 3600, 6 cores, 4.2GHz
  • Ram: 64 Gb
  • Sata-3 Hard disks: 4 TiB
  • Internet connection: optical Fiber, 890 Mbps (down), 350 Mbps (up).

Software Specifications / configuration


Freehackers can host most web applications, source code, DNS, and emails.

Some shared web applications are:

  • redmine for project management, bug tracking, and possibly homepage of free software (link)
  • nextcloud to share documents and/or sync directories between computers, kinda like dropbox or google drive (link)
  • Matomo for web analytics, kinda like google analytics
  • colibri for mailing lists (link)

From a more technical point of view, freehackers provides infrastructre-like hosting such as:

  • Openstack Swift: provides object storage, similar to AWS S3
  • docker for containerized software (usually web related)
  • (still experimental) full blown Openstack cloud computing platform, similar to AWS, with virtual servers, block storage, object storage, (software defined) networks and so on. Those can be used for webapps deployement, testing and production