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  • goes as far as python code parsing ("go to definition", "find where this is used", code completion)
  • easy to use/configure

Nice to have

  • mainstream enough to be available in gentoo
  • integration with mercurial and git


(orzel: as a conclusion, I can't find one good enough and I'm back to vim)

Might be

Sublime Text

Packaged for gentoo (app-editors/sublime-text). There's a plugin called Anaconda that provides better python support. The editor is closed source, in c++/python. It's probably very python friendly as even the 'console' is in python.

Atom Edited/maintained by github, open source, higly integrated with git. Build on top of Electron, a framework based on chromium+nodejs to create desktop app based on web technos (!!). There's a mercurial plugin, but it doesn't seem used much.

Available in gentoo, but with peeky dependancies (especially on libgit2 version), which make it hard to install.


dev-util/kdevelop and dev-util/kdevelop-python in gentoo

Kinda work for "go to definition" and code completion. It's hard to make him understand the PYTHONPATH, the only way i've found is to use only one path in PYTHONPATH and to import/create the project at this very directory. There must be a better way though.


gtk+ stuff, general IDE with code completion, not specific to python/django

komodo edit

Once closed source, seems more open now. Still nothing on gentoo, wip:

  • it seems heavy as you need to compile a whole big "mozilla" directory
  • the vim mode is buggy according to some comment on the net

The editor is free, you need to pay for the IDE (includes the editor).


dev-qt/qt-creator in gentoo


  • knows about git and mercurial


  • python support is only about syntax color, no autocompletion, "got to definition" or whatever


pydev is the official, standard, plugin for developping in python with eclipse.

The most common way of using the plugin is to use the full bundle (pydev recommends using this for exemple)

It supports go-to-definition and step-by-step debugging.

G uses this.


dev-util/eric in gentoo


  • qt/pyqt. not that slow.
  • there are a lot of things available. messy though
  • integrated plugin for mercurial, optional for git
  • django plugin


  • i got an error at first start "argument 1 of QsciLexerPython() has an invalid type"
  • couldn't find "go to definition" or "find usage" easily
  • created a a file and a directory in my source tree
  • when starting eric6 (not 5), got this weird message "eric5 non è ancora stato configurato. Il dialogo di configurazione verrà avviato. {6 ?}"
  • froze the first time it lost focus and the got it back

Geany (wp)

dev-util/geany in gentoo

Generic IDE (non specific to python), based on gtk+, scintilla.



windows only


dev-python/spyder in gentoo

  • Sound good at start : qt-based, can use ipython, pep8, flake and other nice stuff from python I like.
  • Complicated stuff with workspace / projects that force you to have a given layout on disk. Couldn't find how to make "go to definition" work.


wikipedia page


  • it's more for 'web dev with django' than just python. Can do stuff with js, css and databases
  • The demo video is on some Django code.
  • in gentoo : dev-util/pycharm-community / dev-util/pycharm-professional


  • done in java
  • not really free (community/pro versions).
  • requires a specific jvm (oracle)
  • only on the paid version can do great web stuff
  • messed a lot with my system (~/.PyCharm30, created desktop shortcuts systemwise !, want to install stuff, maybe even worse things)


Developed in tcl/tk by the python dev themselves.

In gentoo (parth of python package with USE=+gtk)

Aptana Studio


  • knows about mercurial
  • knows about all new technos (web2, deployment)


  • very close to Eclipse. It's more or less a plugin for eclipse and the standalone version kinda bundle elipse.
  • not in Gentoo, and will probably never be
  • the product page mentions ruby everywhere, but python only once at beginning


Proprietary, uses pyside.

Ninja IDE

dev-util/ninja-ide in gentoo, wikipedia page

Dead : as of january 2017, the last release was > 3.5 years ago (2.3)


  • based on qt/pyqt
  • can use virtualenv
  • "find usage" works right from start
  • i can "open project" even if no project was created already, doens't create anything in there.
  • control-enter for "go to definition", works right from start
  • lot of useful plugins, easy to install
  • of interest to me : django, ipython, git-integration,
  • great website :)
  • there's an unofficial vim plugin


  • slow like hell, even on my high-end desktop computer
  • "go to definition" only works for methods/functions, not for constants
  • concerns about maintainance, as of september 2015, the last release was july 2013, far too long ago..
  • still using qt4

Wing IDE

  • not in gentoo
  • not Open/Free. The "free version" is too limited.


Not in gentoo, "for beginners", support stepping in code/expression, call stack and such.