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A brick game

by Bluebird


Klotski is small brick game which has its root in a wooden game named (in french) Ane rouge. The goal is to bring the red piece to its destination by moving other pieces. It sounds simple but it is a real brainteaser.

There was a klotski game on Windows 3.1, and this is were all levels are from. There is also a basic gnome version of klotski here. I had a look at it before starting Klotski, so some design ideas have probably slipped from there :-)


On Linux, you need python, Qt and PyQt. On windows, everything works by itself :-).


Klotski is written in python and uses the PyQt binding developped by Phil Thompson, to take advantage of the QCanvas from Qt.

This is my first program using python and PyQt. I must say I have enjoyed it a lot: Python and Qt are both excellent, easy to use and well documented. I have never been able to implement my ideas so quickly. The usual cycle "think, organise into organigram, code, compile, correct compiling errors, run, correct bugs, run, it works" was reduced to "think, code, run, it works". Because of the simplicity and the power the python language, my ideas could be expressed very clearly and I could concentrate on what I wanted to do instead of how I needed to code it. The result is a simple and clean program, that was coded in half the time (and probably less) it would have taken to do it in C++. 
This program is Qt only for the moment, but as soon as the python bindings for Kde 2.0 are released, I will take advantage of them. 


version 1.2 : 01 june 2006

Windows version with installer.

version 1.1: 17 november 2004 =

Unix version: Windows Version with installer

version 1.0 : 23 january 2001

Unix version: Windows version (no installer):


I'm always intersted in feedback, either good or bad. What would really interest me are contributions of new boards. Don't hesitate to send me a mail at : phil at freehackers.org.

You can also contribute to klotski. Look at the file boards.kts, it contains the description of the board in a simple format. Adding a new board is quite easy.


Due to many requests, I have put-up a solution of the most difficult puzzle, the dreaded "Ane Rouge". Solution is here but look at it only when you start to get desperate (this is, after at least one month of effort). It took me something like one month to find it. The real tricky part is the end: you have to make the red square change side else it won't go out.

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Indent Finder is released under the BSD license.

version 1.2 : 16 nov 2007

Add Indent Checker script to check the indentation consistency of a source tree.

version 1.1 : 10 juil 2005

Improve heuristic by detecting indentation steps.

version 1.0 : 22 nov 2002

Initial and stable release.


Indent Finder is developed by Bluebird.

If IndentFinder ever reports wrong indentation, send me immediately a mail, if possible with the offending file.

Bugs, suggestions, patch, I am open to feedback: Mail me.

  • LuaUnit: A unit-testing framework for the Lua language
  • Klotski: a mind-breaking game
  • Indent Finder: analyse source code indentation to set your editor automatically
  • PyTiCroque: a software to help playing at www.croquemonster.com