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My homepage, to talk about what I do online. This mainly revolves around Free Software.

Over the years, I have developed a few Free Software. Some of them small, some of them of middle size, and a few of them completely outdated.

Sofware Projects

The big one

  • Klotski Brick game for Qt (windows, linux)
  • Yzis Yzis a vi-like editor inspired by vim. Yzis aims to be a powerful, fast editor with all of Vim's features

Small pet projects

  • LuaUnit A unittest framework for the Lua language
  • Indent Finder Set your editor to the correct indentation automatically
  • Pretty Make Beautify your make output

Unmaintained or outdated stuff

  • Vy A vi engine written in python
  • Kvim is dead and the developers have moved to work on Yzis
  • Keep Cool Keep Cool is script to stop processes that make your CPU become too hot.
  • KMerge KMerge was a text document merging tool developed for KDE 1.

Reports and Interviews

I also conducted a few interviews for Free Software projects, and wrote a few reports. I even have a blog

The complete list in the page Articles