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This page described the services on, and how to access or use them. Both for casual users and from a sysadmin point of view.


Whenever you get an account (say, "login") on, you automatically get the following:

  • ssh access with "ssh"
  • Home dirs are located on a RAID-1 array.


  • ssh is not on the standard port "22": you should configure your software (winscp, rsync, scp, ...) to use port 2223
  • Mail delivery is done through maildrop, so you can configure the file ~/.mailfilter to filter and sort your mail.
  • Incoming mail is scanned by spamassassin, which set some header flags, that you can use to filter spam.
  • I can create mail aliases (other fh mail addresses whose messages are sent to your login)

If you have some big data that needs not be on RAID, such as svn checkout, big temporary data, or backups, you should ask for a directory /unsecure/<login>, and store it here, using symlinks as needed.


With every login comes an email account "".

This can be accessed using the webmail

Or you can connect to it with your usual mail reader (Outlook, thunderbird, smartphone...) using the following configuration:


  • server:
  • protocol: imap, with security "SSL/TLS" (or just "ssl"), using the standard port 993.
  • user name, login or account : the login you have on (without "@freehackers.og", use just "login").

I do not recommend using pop3, but if you really want to, it is available as pop3, security "SSL/TLS", using the nonstandard port 6995.

Outgoing (SMTP):

  • server:
  • port: 587 (if asked)
  • authentication : your login/password
  • security : "STARTTLS"

Sys Admin

  • There’s a low traffic mailing list about fh administration
  • fh can be either master or slave DNS.
  • fh can be either primary or secondary MX.
  • fh hosts web sites using nginx + different application servers (php, python, ruby, java, ..)
  • fh hosts mercurial (and git) repositories.
  • fh hosts mailing lists : Use the web interface to create one.