Surviving on Windows

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Here are some useful tools for linux freaks that, for whatever reason, need to work under windows.


  • Vim or Sublime Text
  • Cygwin: No sane human can survive without full unix shell: bash, find, grep, cp, diff and co are all there.
  • TortoiseCVS
  • TortoiseSVN
  • TortoiseGit
  • Winmerge
  • Doxygen
  • EasyPhp for running a local php server
  • InnoSetup: generates nice and powerful windows installer. See the dedicated page for Windows installer (also covers NSIS)
  • Dependancy Walker: view the dll dependancy graph of any executable or DLL, equivalent of unix ldd
  • Sys Internals tools. Every tool is useful. Most useful:
    • DebugView: view debug output from a non console application
    • PortMon: Spy the serial port
    • File mon: spy on files being opened or closed
    • Reg mon : spy all the accesses to the windows registry


  • Firefox: no introduction needed for this killer app from the mozilla team.
  • Thunderbird mail reader, also from the mozilla team.
  • Enigmail: pgp plugin for thunderbird, very useful
  • Putty: ssh client and ssh key handler (pageant)
  • Winscp: super useful to drag'n drop files onto a ssh remote location
  • MobaSSH: SSH Server and client
  • XChat : the best irc client for windows imho (thomas)
  • Jabber, Psi (beurk)

Free as in beer but not free software:

  • Spybot Search'n Destroy: get rid of your adware and of all program that are supriously started by windows upon each startup


  • ConsoleZ: an equivalent of KDE Konsole, but for windows: multi-tab, custom shortcuts, fix the horribly slow display of the default Windows shell, full session management. A must-have. Note: this is a fork of Console which was unmaintained.
  • VirtuaWin: un vrai gestionnaire de bureaux virtuels
  • Veracrypt: encrypt partitions or files transparently, works on Windows, Linux and MacOs X. The nice easy to use graphical interface is a bonus. Note: this is a fork of Truecrypt which is unmaintained.
  • 7Zip: zip and unzip for any compressed format (tar, bz2, arj, zip, 7z, ...).
  • gpg4win: different GPG frontends for Windows. WinPT is the best one IMHO
  • Workrave: anti-RSI
  • Clamwin: antivirus

Free as in beer but not free software:

  • ISO Recorder: create cd from ISO on windows.
  • Advanced Calculator: a good calculator: RPN, graphs, ...
  • Windows Power Toys: more goodies
    • Open DOS window here in exporer
    • Replace Stupid calculator by Scientific Calculator
  • Free Launch Bar: stack icons in the windows launch bar, super practical
  • xplorer2: a replacement of windows explorer. More features, quicker.


Free as in beer but not free software:

  • IrfanView: nice and practical


  • Openoffice (french)
  • PDFCreator: Create a PDF from any file in windows with this virtual printer
  • StarUML
  • Foxit: a PDF viewer 3 times lighter that Adobe Acrobat

Video & Audio

  • Videolan Client (VLC)
  • mplayer

Free as in beer but not free software:

  • iTunes