mercurial and ipv6

Today I needed to use mercurial over IPv6 in order to share a repository which is on a computer behind an (ipv4) firewall, but that can be reached over ipv6.

The naive

miserably failed. But i was hinted on IRC (thanks ‘Ry4an’ !) on how to do this, and thought I should share this knowledge until mercurial get better ipv6 support.

First for the clone call, do

hg --config ui.ssh='ssh -6' clone ssh://orzel@ipv6computername

then you will not be able to push/pull until you add to the repository .hg/hgrc the lines:

ssh=ssh -6

Enjoy mercurial on IPv6 🙂

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  1. Mathias says:

    …what about windows?

  2. I dont know about windows. But anyway, this entry is more than 10 years old…

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