June 15, 2009

tags displayed in hg activity extension

by orzel
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Today i have added a feature to my hg activity extension. I have wanted to have this for long : the tags are now displayed on the graph. Here are two examples, one of the project itself, and another one on the mercurial repository, but only  for the last months.

The first one was generated by:

hg activity --splitauthors --maxauthors 5 --width 1500 --height 900


And the second one by:

 hg activity --datemin 2008-01-01 --splitauthors --maxauthors 5 --width 1500 --height 900



  1. Bluebird says:

    We still don’t know what is counted on the graph. The vertical axis has no legend. Are you counting changesets ? Lines added/removed/changed ?

  2. This is described on the second line on the web page :


    What is displayed is the number of commits, averaged by a small window whose length depends on the total period displayed, for aesthetic reasons. (technically : a convolution)

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