September 9, 2010

New mercurial mirror for Django stable branch 1.2

by orzel
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I have tried for the last few years to use one of the mercurial mirrors on to follow Django. Since far before Django 1.0 was released, I was following trunk, but I have switched to the stable branch around Django 1.1.

I’ve always had problems with the mirrors on bitbucket, they seem mostly unmaintained. There are several of them, mostly because they create a new one when one fails… so you have to guess which one is the ‘current’ one. As of today, the one I’m using has not been updated for one month,… and I would like to merge the recent important security fix to my own Django branch (that I use for my Consulting jobs).

So I decided to create, and maintain, a mercurial mirror of Django stable, which is 1.2 currently. I publish it on

and it is updated nightly.

The history/log only starts at the 1.2 branching in svn, which allows to keep the mirror size very small. For comparison, the “.hg” directory was worth 130Mb using the mirror provided by bitbucket staff, and this one is 17M.

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