January 17, 2015

Mercurial Mirror For Django 1.8 branch

by orzel
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Another year, another alpha release for Django and … another “production” mirror for me and anybody else interested.

Django has just released the first alpha for Django-1.8.

As usual, I create the mirror as soon as the corresponding branch is opened (stable/1.8.x), but this is still alpha stuff for you to test, not anything stable you should rely on, yet.

For the record, those mirrors have two purposes:

  • be a lightweight read-only repository to clone from for production servers
  • hide the ugly git stuff behind a great mercurial interface 🙂

The clone  is at the usual location at bitbucket, from which you can browse, clone, update, …



ps : I will probably delete the 1.5 clone soon. If anybody still uses it, drop me a note (or hit “feedback” at the top of this page). I keep the 1.4 as there’s Long Term Support (LTS) for it upstream.

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