KGLLib is an OpenGL library for Qt and KDE. It provides an easy-to-use object-oriented wrapper around commonly used OpenGL functionality, making OpenGL applications easier and faster to write.

KGLLib is divided into two main parts: core and extras.
The core is a smaller and more stable library, consisting only of the essential and most often-used parts. Core classes have usually reached API maturity and should provide at least source-compatibility (between major releases).
Extras consists of less important and less stable classes. Lots of them are still useful to many applications, but as they are not as mature as core classes yet, application developers might want to copy source files of used classes to their applications' source tree.

KGLLib depends on Qt, GLEW and Eigen.
GLEW is an OpenGL extension library, taking care of runtime loading of OpenGL extensions.
Eigen is an excellent template library for vector and matrix math.

You can get KGLLib from KDE SVN:

svn co svn://

or browse the SVN repository online.

Rivo Laks <>